Meet the Host Sponsors

  Many thanks to the host sponsors for the 2014 National Sheepdog Finals. Without their work and support, this event would not be possible.


 The Strang Ranch is a family owned and run business. It is a working sheep and cattle ranch as well as a busy equestrian center, hosting many hunter/jumper and dressage shows, clinics and daily lessons.  We also have a small cross country course great for introducing young riders and horses to riding and jumping outside.  It is also the hub of the local Pony Club hosting weekly riding sessions, rallies and fun days. 
The Strang Ranch has put on several USBCHA trials for the past 10 years and has hosted the National Sheepdog Finals in 2011, 2014 and 2016.


American Border Collie Association


The ABCA contributes $16,000 to the National Sheepdog Finals each year, for livestock costs and prize money. They give a like amount yearly to support local and regional stockdog trials, and $10,000 to the National Cattledog Finals.  
The dogs you will see here are Border Collies, a breed originally developed by shepherds in Great Britain to be their partners in the management of sheep over vast tracts of open land. These remarkable dogs are still needed today on farms and ranches all across our country. Their instincts and abilities have been honed through careful breeding focused solely on the traits and qualities needed for this demanding work – they are defined by their work, not by their appearance.

So while these trials are an exciting competition, they serve a deeper purpose as well. They are a tough proving ground which breeders can use to measure the success of their breeding programs, and to help them select the sires and dams who will produce the next generation of working Border Collies. As the principal registry for Border Collies in the United States, and the largest Border Collie registry in the world, the American Border Collie Association is proud once again to be the major sponsor of these Finals. We thank all whose efforts and support made them possible.

 United States Border Collie Handler's Association

The USBCHA was formed in 1979 to insure the preservation of the Border Collie as a working stockdog. The United States Border Collie Handler's Association, Inc. (USBCHA) is the sanctioning body for sheep and cattledog trials throughout the United States and Canada. It has grown into an organization of more than 800 members. The organization selects the site for the National Finals, choses the judges, sets the trial courses, and provides significant funding towards operating costs and prize money for the event.

USBCHA Members who qualify at sanctioned Open and Nursery trials during the year are eligible to compete in the USBCHA National Sheep and Cattle Dog Finals to determine the champion Open or Nursery dog and handler for that year. President:  Carol Clawson, Vice-President:  Ron Burkey, Secretary/Treasurer: Linda DeJong




Aspen Valley Land Trust

Permanently conserving open space for agriculture, scenic vistas, wildlife habitat and recreation.

Aspen Valley Land Trust, a non-profit 501 (C)(3), will get all the gate profits from the 2016 National Sheepdog Finals held at Strang Ranch in Carbondale, Colorado. AVLT is Colorado’s oldest land trust (founded in 1967) and is committed to conserving ranchland and open spaces in the Roaring Fork and Colorado River valleys.

The host location for the National Finals, the Strang Ranch, has had a long relationship with AVLT. The Ranch is conserved through a conservation easement designed to protect the agricultural productiveness of the property. Kit Strang and Lathrop Strang (deceased) both served on the AVLT Board of Directors for several years and AVLT’s major fund-raising event, the Save the Land Dance, was held at the Strang Ranch annually from 2003 to 2008. The Strang Ranch family and management exemplify good land stewardship and exceptional community service.

AVLT has conserved more than 31,000 acres in the central Colorado mountains and continues to work with landowners to conserve the important ranchlands, habitat and scenic open spaces that are vital to the region’s tourism industry, local food production and Western ranching heritage. AVLT is nationally accredited by the Land Trust Alliance Commission and certified by the State of Colorado.

The Board of Directors for AVLT include: Wally Obermeyer, President; Louis Meyer, Vice-President; Cathy Porter, Secretary; Sandy Jackson, Treasurer; and, Jim Aresty, Dave Bellack, Steve Carter, Sue Edelstein, Lee Ann Eustis, Rosemary, Patterson.

Martha Cochran, Executive Director
Aspen Valley Land Trust
320 Main Street, #204
Carbondale, CO 81623 or