Handler Information


BAER Testing and DNA Sample Collection
at the 2016 Sheepdog Finals
As a service to ABCA members and to further research into the genetic conditions that affect our border collies, the ABCA Health & Education Foundation will be offering free BAER testing for ABC-registered dogs at the USBCHA Sheepdog Finals this year, and will also be collecting DNA samples to be used for deafness research and to be stored in our DNA bank.  We will be able to BAER test up to 85 dogs, and to collect DNA samples from an unlimited number of dogs.  The BAER and sample clinics will take place on Sept 14th, 15th and the morning of the 16th at the trial site.  BAER testing will be done by Dr. Colette Williams, whose credentials are excellent and who was the tester at last year's BAER clinic.  We hope that our members -- especially owners of dogs with suspected hearing loss, from lines known to have hearing loss, or those from previous finals clinics recommended for follow-up -- will take advantage of this BAER testing opportunity,
To maximize the research value of these samples and tests, we are asking dog owners to fill out and submit a health questionnaire for each dog that will be tested and/or sampled.  If you would like to enter a dog for BAER testing, please fill out this form and submit it by August 20, 2016.  Dogs will be entered on the BAER list when questionnaires are received and will be required to submit a DNA sample at the clinic.  If you are submitting samples for the DNA bank but are not seeking a BAER test, we encourage you to submit the questionnaire ahead of time as well, but questionnaires will be available for DNA donors at the clinic also.  Be sure to have the ABCA registration number and date of birth for each dog with you at the finals clinic if you don't submit this form in advance!
All health information submitted to the Foundation will be treated as strictly confidential, and will not be used in any way that would disclose identifiable information or testing results to anyone but the dog's owner.

Consent Form and Questionnaire for
BAER Testing and DNA Sample Collection
at the 2016 Sheepdog Finals
*Name of Owner:                                                                                                                               
*Email: ___________________________________    *Phone:                                                        
*ABCA registration number of dog:_________________________
*Dog's date of birth:___________________   *Gender of dog:  ___M     ___F
*Has this dog ever been BAER tested before:     __Yes      __No
*If yes, please give details (date, location, tester, results):                                                               
Have any immediate relatives (sire, dam, progeny, littermates, full siblings, half siblings) of this dog been diagnosed with early adult onset deafness (EAOD)?    __Yes     __No
If yes, please give details:                                                                                                                 
*Is this dog affected by (please mark with an A), or known to carry (please mark with a C) any other disease or disorder thought to be inherited?  __Epilepsy    __ Hip Dysplasia    __CEA    __IGS    __TNS    __BCC
*Has the ABCA HEF collected DNA from this dog at any other time in 2016 or later?    
__Yes    __No
*     *     *     *     *
I consent to the provision of the above dog's BAER test results to the ABCA Health & Education Foundation, Inc (HEF).  I understand and agree that the above dog's DNA sample, BAER test results and health questionnaire will be retained by the HEF and may be used for health and genetic research. I further understand that none of the health information or test results will be disclosed to any outside person other than the dog's owner in any form which would permit them to be connected with any individual dog.
_____________          __________________________     ___________________________
         Date                                   Printed Name                                     Signature
Must be received by Aug 20, 2016
Please mail to:       Eileen Stein, President
ABCA Health & Education Foundation, Inc.
PO Box 41
Shady Side, MD 20764 
UI_________    BAER Date_________     BAER tester__________     DNA sample________









Both the open and nursery posts will be near the Strang ranch house. At the other end of the long driveway, parking/camping will be just to the right as you enter the property. The farthest campsite is around 1/2 mile away from the posts, so we are offering a limmited number of golf cart rentals for folks who want them. They are being hauled from Denver so that is why they are limmited and expensive and we are offering them as a pre-order.  Go in as a group and "cart pool".  

One of the handler day parking areas will be adjacent to the handler camping area. Handlers can come and go into this lot all day long. We are also offering parking up near the ranch house but a handler will have to be parked by 8 am and will not be able to leave that parking area until after the last dog has run for the day. Traffic on the driveway will be highly restricted since the two trial fields are on opposite sides of the driveway. There will be two parking passes, one for each lot, in the handler welcome packet so you can use them according to your wishes

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact one of us,

Tina LaPlatt


Bridget Strang





 Golf carts may be rented for the week.  440$ from Monday Sep 12th to the Following Monday.  These must be reserved with Tina Laplatt or Bridget Strang  Carbondalefinals@gmail.com

NO carts will be rented with out full payment. Refund minus (Pay pal fees) if canceled by September 1 2016. 

We can order some four seaters for $700.  Please contact me if you are interested. 

To reserve your cart please proceed to button below.  If you are not a paypal person you can send a check and note to 

National Finals Sheepdog Trials
393 CR 102
Carbondale, CO 81623