Where can you get Truck repairs?

Who can fix my truck/ car?

Call Cowboys and engines  - Barry Till is the best  970-309-1373! There is also a Dodge, Ford and GMC dealership in town. Berthod (GMC) and Glenwood Ford are sponsors, 

Who can fix my camper problems?  Barry Till....

Where are the closest gas stations?

Bottom of the hill.... 3.8 miles south.

Where can I find a list of restaraunts?

No idea.. ask a local

Where is the closest grocery store?

City Market in El Jebel and Carbondale are both 10-15 minutes away. 

Cell coverage and Internet options?

Not many.... Starbucks in El Jebel, At the practice pen0 up on the hill there is good ATT service.

Map to ranch? 

ON this websire.  393 CR 102  Carbondale CO

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Why did the chicken cross the road?